It is quite, very, uncommon for a Comedy Magician Indianapolis Jamahl Keyes Reveals  to create these kinds of article. Many other entertainers, comedians, and entertainment agencies do NOT want you know this information. Please take your time to read it carefully. In fact, if you are – as I hope – very interested in making sure that your company’s events are successful, then I urge you to get comfortable, ask not to be disturbed, and focus this article – it IS that important! It reveals vital information you’ll want to know!

Who will be You And Why Are You Revealing This info?

I am Jamahl Keyes-The Magic Motivator of magic and I’m a Comedy Magician Indianapolis entertainer Jamahl Keyes Reveals  specialist. Within the last 20 years my unique and award winning show Broadway Magic consisting of magic, mindreading, tap dancing, comedy, and audience participation have helped event planners at companies including Ford Motor Company, Owens Corning, Georgia Power, Bell South, DaimlerChrysler, Robert Mondavi, and Chubb Insurance make their events unforgettable, successful and fun.

My show has also been featured on FOX, TNN, ABC and NBC.

I’m revealing information the entertainment industry doesn’t would like you to know for two main reasons:

REASON #1: If you wind up hiring a lousy comedy Magician Indianapolis, this closes area of not only to me but other competent professionals. Odds are, if the person you hire stinks, you’ll be very reluctant to hire a similar type of performer in the foreseeable future.

REASON #2: I HATE to determine bad performers rip people off making event planners look bad. It puts a back eye in my profession.

Okay, now that you know who I am and why I’m doing this, let’s talk about the Biggest Mistakes Event Planners Make When Hiring Comedy Magician Indianapolis…And ways to Prevent them!

Booking To much time Of your Presentation

Scheduling to much time of the program is a mistake many event planners make. It’s remember that it is not like people are going to a theatre or to the movies and want to see a two-hour program. In many cases, attendees will have been in meetings all day long and are tired.

Even though your event is “dinner only”, your invited guests will have been sitting for at least 45 minutes before the show starts. If you add a cocktail hour, an awards presentation, and/or an address from your company president, the length of the event increases dramatically.Main point: The ideal length for the entertainment portion of your program is 35-minutes with a much more 45 minutes. This may keep your event moving along with a nice pace and keep everyone energized.

Well, there you have it. Obviously, if you’re a successful event planner maybe you have already known some of the secrets revealed in this report. But I hope you found a few gems that you can use to ensure your next event turns out exactly as you want it so you get the applause, accolades, and acknowledgement that you just so richly deserve.