Magic In Motion a Visual Arts Magic experience Starring: The Magic Comic Jamahl Keyes.

Magic In Motion takes you on a visual arts roller coaster, magical fast pace journey of the performing Arts like never before. 

Quite a Show! Quite a Magical Journey!

Through mind boggling magic tricks and spectator involvement for Dinner Theaters, Magic In Motion starring The Magic Comic Jamahl Keyes Family Friendly Fun performance weaves his special guest visual arts talent of Music, Dancing, story- telling, puppetry and Improv. 

To make a Show like no-other.

The perfect Out-The-Box theatre show for any performing arts center that is looking for a great Family Friendly Show idea and that is looking to leave their audience amazed, entertained and engaged.


Magic In Motion a Visual Arts Magic Experience!

See this show live Monday April 8,2019 at The Apple Dutch


When you interview a magician Indianapolis for your next event, here’s what to ask:

  • What makes you so special?  Let the magician talk about themselves for a while, to get a feeling for their personality.  Does this person make you feel comfortable or uncomfortable?  Unless you feel positive about the conversation, it might be risky to hire them for entertainment.


  • What happens in your magic show?  Find out specifically what the magician does in their magic show.  Is it appropriate for your audience?  Are there live animals, fire, water tricks, risqué jokes, dangerous stunts, or large stage requirements? 


  • What are your professional credentials?  Ask them what groups they belong to.  Serious working magicians always belong to magic societies like the Chamber of Commerce, the Academy of Magical Arts, the Magic Circle, the International Brotherhood of Magicians or the Society of American Magicians.  These groups promote business ethics, protect consumers from fraud, and provide continuing education to keep their magicians in top form.


  • Is magic your full-time business or part-time business?  This is the question that magicians don’t want to answer, especially if magic if their part-time hobby.  Almost anyone can slap together a box of magic tricks, charge a fee and perform a show, as long as they have a day job to pay their bills.  However, only a few magicians ever survive in full-time status.  This is the A-list, the cream-of-the-crop, the entertainers who have to be good.  Few people would trust a part-time dentist to drill on their teeth.  Yet it’s surprising how many people hire a part-time magician to entertain their guests, only to discover humiliation far more painful than teeth drilling.


  • Are you licensed and insured?  Every legitimate business has a city business license, and the most responsible magicians also carry liability insurance to protect their clients and guests.  Find out if your magician is legit.  This is especially important if the show is in a public park or private facility.


  • Can you send me your credentials?  If a magician really wants your work, they should be able to provide you with letters of recommendation, testimonials, a website, news clippings, videos and/or DVDs.  It also pays to do a Google search of their name.  You might be surprised what you’ll discover.  I always encourage my clients to do a Google search of the phrase “Magician Michael E. Johnson”, because they can discover what newspapers and other websites have written about me.  Don’t just trust what’s on their website, or what’s listed in their brochure. Magicians are notorious for exaggerating their credentials.


After speaking with several magicians, you should have feelings for who might be right for you.  You must also decide your budget.  If you hire based on the lowest price, you’ll probably get what you pay for.  Be careful of the budget magicians.  If your special event is important, budget accordingly.  In the end, no one will remember the party food or the decorations, but they’ll sure remember the entertainment.  To avoid embarrassment, give yourself the budget to hire the best person for the job.


Once you’ve found your magician, hire him or her immediately.  The best comedy magicians book out quickly, so you want to make sure you secure a reservation.  Ask for a contract, and pay a deposit.  Otherwise, you may get tossed aside at the last minute if the magician is offered a higher-paying gig.  I’ve seen it happen before.  A good magician might book a $300 child’s birthday party, and then a week later get offered $1,500 to do a corporate gig.  The honorable magician will decline the $1,500, and live up to their promises.  If a magician isn’t locked in, he or she may consider backing out at the last minute, due to “unforeseen circumstances,” only to try and set you up with another magician.  For your own piece of mind, get a commitment in writing.


Then, once you’ve hired your magician, give them all the details you can about your event: the date, the time, the location, the parking situation near the venue, the theme of the event, the audience, and any special considerations.


Finding the right magician make take a bit of effort, but in the end, it will all seem like magic.  Your audience will be thrilled, and you’ll be relieved!

Hiring a clean comedian for any church event can be challenging. You don’t want to insult any members of your congregation and you don’t want the entertainment to be corny and cheesy either.

Thats why we put together this article top 3 Questions you should ask before hiring a clean comedian for your church.

These questions will help you make the perfect choice for your event.

The Top 3 Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring A Clean Comedian.

Question #1: How many years have you been performing for churches?

This is important because this will tell you how experienced and seasoned the performer is. By knowing this it will put you at ease knowing the clean comedian will not insult any members.

Question #2: Do you have any testimonials?

This is very important because this will allow you to see if the clean comedian will be a good fit for your event. Because lets face it every entertainer no matter how good they are does not fit every venue.

Question #3: Do you have any video highlights?

This is a Biggie! If they don’t have any video highlight you should maybe reconsider hiring them. In this information age not having a video highlight is no excuse at all.