Who Is? The Magic Comic- Jamahl Keyes

Born in Baton Rouge, LA Jamahl’s parents who were both school teachers moved up to South Bend, IN he was then bitten by the “magic bug” in third grade. His mother (who was a third grade teacher) wanted to find away to encourage Jamahl to read more. She would perform a magic trick overnight at the dinner table. When Jamahl would ask, “How did you do that?” She would reply with. “I’m not going to tell you the secret but I’ll give you the book that it is in.” Jamahl ended up not only reading plenty of magic books, he became a very good and confident performer for his age. 

As a teenager, Jamahl won numerous awards and began appearing on television The Kid’s Adventure Zone, Magic and Math and plenty of other specials. In his 20’s, He not only performed in 7 different countries but was also featured on TNN and The Family Channel.

In 2012, Jamahl and (his wife of 12 years at the time) Tiphanny put their 3 Children who had a band K.O. “M” in the show. He features his children The K.O. “M” band during his stage shows. Bringing a family dynamic that is engaging, entertaining, musical and most of all FUN. A true Family, Friendly Fun Show! 

The Magic Comic By Jamahl Keyes

Fun Facts About Jamahl-

  • In 1998 he wrote a techno song that made the top 20 charts in Scandinavia.

  • He founded The Magic In You Mentor Organization For Youth

  • He’s the author of 3 books.

  • He was a State Champion in Wrestling.

  • Age 6 was his first time onstage, he song all I want for Christmas is my two front teeth at Church.

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