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Who Is? The Magic Comic- Jamahl Keyes


Indianapolis Indiana based magician and entertainer Jamahl Keyes has over 25 years of performing experience. Born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and raised in South Bend Indiana he was introduced to entertainment at a young age. His father Willie Keyes was a music teacher, and his mother Jackie Keyes was an elementary school teacher who found creative ways to inspire him to read. She performed magic tricks at the dinner table, and when he asked how she did them, she handed him a book and encouraged him to learn the trick himself. These fond memories of magic and performance stuck with Jamahl and would influence his career over his lifetime. 

As Jamahl grew older, he continued performing and was featured in several theatrical performances and television specials. However, he never forgot his passion for connecting with his audience through magic.

After spending years perfecting his craft, he created an award-winning performance that would be adored by audiences across the country.

In 1994, he was awarded as a World Champion Magician from the Society of American Magicians. He went on to win Family Performer of the Year from the Family Artist Association in 1998 and later again from Indy Fringe in 2003. More recently, he was presented with the Stage Magician of the Year from the International Association of Black Magicians and Artists in 2018.

Today, Jamahl continues to focus on spreading joy through his magic shows. Thanks to his versatility and skill, his shows can be performed anywhere from large arenas to the most intimate of small stages. Notable venues that he’s performed at include the Tribeca Theater in New York, the Morris Performing Arts Center in Indiana, and the Grand Ole Opry in Tennessee. Each show effortlessly combines, improv, comedy, audience participation, and magic to create an entertaining and memorable experience. In addition to his stand-up act, Jamahl performs a silent show which can be enjoyed by international audiences regardless of their native tongue. He simply allows the magic to speak for itself while captivating the minds and hearts of attendees. 

The Magic Comic By Jamahl Keyes

With the ability to perform across language barriers and demographics, Jamahl connects with audiences regardless of background, bringing them together under the unifying force of magic, laughter and theater. Thanks to his many years in the performance industry, he easily captivates and entertains all who have the privilege of enjoying one of his shows. 

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Fun Facts About Jamahl-

  • In 1998 he wrote a techno song that made the top 20 charts in Scandinavia.

  • He founded The Magic In You Mentor Organization For Youth

  • He’s the author of 3 books.

  • He was a State Champion in Wrestling.

  • Age 6 was his first time onstage, he song all I want for Christmas is my two front teeth at Church.

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