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The Magic Comic Jamahl Keyes- Clients & Credits

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“If you’re not clapping your hands, stomping your feat or laughing throughout Jamahl’s show check your pulse!”

The Statler BrothersGrammy Award Winning Singers

Eliminate the element of chance by inviting comedy magician Jamahl Keyes- The Magic Comic to enthrall, engage, amaze and most importantly entertain with his show Magic In Motion. A theatrical show filled with comedy, audience participation, improvisation, magic and live music.

Clients Include:


“He has a very funny and fun show.”

The Statler BrothersLate Great Legendary Comedienne
Jon Ritter
The Magic Comic Jamahl Keyes James Malenchick
The Magic Comic Jamahl Keyes Ivanka Trump Photo
Your goal in making complete use of Comedy Magician Jamahl Keyes’ theater, comedic, improvisational and magic skills will be to:
  • Have your guest engaged.

  • Tickle your guest funny bone.

  • Amaze and baffle your guest throughout the show.

  • Create a great memory for your guest for years to come.

  • Make you the HERO for booking the show.