As Seen The Magic Comic

The Miser’s Dream is an old classic magic routine where the magician produces coins from the air (and often other places). But what happens when the magician performs this feet of magic without even uttering a word? Jamahl takes this classic and adds theatrics, mime, comedy and improv to make the audience gasp, laugh and anticipate where the next coin may come from. Just when you think the routine is over Jamahl throws a curveball.

This routine demonstrates Jamahl’s improvisation and comedy skills. In the great Houdini escape routine, he takes two volunteers from the audience and makes them seemingly work together. After they realize the magic isn’t in the magic trick but the comedy timing and interaction the routine is over. The two spectators lock Jamahl into the thumb cuffs. And, while they may expect him to escape, they never expect any of the other incredible phases of this comical routine. It is fast, visual, magical, engaging, comical and interactive making it very entertaining.