Frequently ask questions when hiring The Magic Comic- Can you tailor your show to fit my event? Can you feature someone from our group in the show? Can your show be tailored around a theme? Do you give-a-away FREE STUFF?

Can The Magic Comic-Jamahl Keyes tailor your show to fit my event?


Audience member telling The Magic Comic- Jamahl Keyes how much she enjoyed being onstage with her husband on there 50th anniversary.

The Magic Comic-Jamahl Keyes has 20 years experience entertaining audiences of all ages, cultures and sizes. He can perform a silent comedy magic show with music using mime and magic that can be inserted in a key places of your function or a clean comedian comedy stand-up act that can be put at the end or beginning of your function. The Magic Comic-Jamahl Keyes show can be as short as 15 Minutes or scaled to a 90 minute Vegas style show that includes lighting, backdrops special guest and a live band. He will seamlessly fit your event if it is big or small.

Can The Magic Comic-Jamahl Keyes feature someone from our company and/or group in the show?


The Magic Comic-Jamahl Keyes featuring the CEO of the company at a show. He vanished the CEO’s phone and it re-appears in a Pringles can.

The Magic Comic-Jamahl Keyes uses audience participation throughout his shows. He can even feature someone from your group (like a manager or CEO) in a saw through Illusion or a manager or employee in a mind-reading effect. All of The Magic Comic-Jamahl Keyes shows are interactive and entertaining.

Can your show be tailored around a theme?


Because The Magic Comic- Jamahl Keyes show is Bi-lin·gual it can be catered for any media platform. On this photo The Magic Comic- Jamahl Keyes performs a vanishing water trick to music.

Yes! When you book The Magic Comic-Jamahl Keyes you will receive a email from his production manager entitled: Already Hired The Magic Comic this is a small 20 question questionnaire to help The Magic Comic- Jamahl Keyes present his show as a part of your event.

In the questionnaire you will be able to share details like theme, color scheme and event location details. This will help The Magic Comic- Jamahl Keyes produce a very entertaining show that perfectly fits your special event.

Does The Magic Comic-Jamahl Keyes give-a-away FREE STUFF?

Jamahl Keyes gives FREE give-a-ways throughout his show, and he gives special gifts to everyone that helps him onstage.

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By combining comedy magic with improve and audience participation he is always the perfect choice for event planners looking for Performing Arts Center ideas or the perfect entertainer for Corporate Entertainment.