5 Steps To Having A Great Indianapolis School Assembly for your students

This school year thousands of Indianapolis and surrounding area school students will step onto their school campus being elementary, middle school or High school bright eyed and ready to learn what knowledge and skills are needed to be winners in their community and society as a whole. Unfortunately many students will fall through the cracks. In a recent study by Linkin Learning the author talked about the skills needed for students to be successful in this 21st century. A seasoned school assembly presenter is a great addition to the vigorous and sometimes demanding school curriculum.

“A great school assembly is one that re-enforces the goals and over all culture of the school.” Says, Top Selling Author and Award Winning Youth Speaker  Jamahl Keyes

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Here are the 5 Steps To Having A Great Indianapolis School Assembly:

1. Establish a Theme

A theme will bring the whole assembly together into a cohesive whole that the audience can get behind. Is it an anti-bullying rally, or is the assembly associated with a recognized event or a day of significance?

2. Promote The Assembly

Promoting and advertising the assembly will get the kids excited and looking forward to the event. While you are promoting the assembly, it’s an excellent idea to forearm the kids with information that will reinforce their understanding of the assembly as well as what to wear, and how they are expected to behave as part of the audience.

3. Introduce Interactive Elements

The best school assemblies have interactive elements which make the kids a part of the performance, even if it’s only in a small way. You can use music, dancing, or ask questions to help draw the kids into the spirit of the event.

4. Make it Engaging

Assemblies should convey a message and teach the children core values about life. To do that effectively requires the assembly be engaging enough to grab and keep their attention. When kids become inattentive, it’s tough to make a connection and forge a lasting impression.

5. Preparation is Key

Before kicking off the assembly, it can pay to go over the equipment one last time and make sure everything is working. A microphone which suddenly doesn’t work can dampen the enthusiasm of the room, and visual equipment failure can be a challenging scenario to overcome. The benefits of school assemblies are incredible when used correctly and can teach many core values to students that will serve them well throughout their lives. In assembly, a student may develop self-esteem, learn about the needs of others, be inspired to greatness, and learn the necessary discipline required for large gatherings. With so much developmental capacity present in the school assembly and their ability to teach life lessons in a way the classroom cannot, it is essential they become a regular part of the school year.

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