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         Of course, price isa factor when hiring a Magician or Clean Comedian. If you only have a $1,000 budget, you’re not going to be able to hire Penn And Teller or Jerry Sienfield to come and entertain your group! However, many event planners place too much emphasis on price and not enough emphasis on the overall impact the magician/clean comedian will have on their event.

Is the highest priced magician or clean comedian always the best? Absolutely not! In fact, in a marketing course put out for entertainers, the author tells his readers to dramatically raise their fees because a lot of event planners equate the value of a performer by how much they charge. He says that it is all “perception”.

         Well, it certainly won’t be just “perception” if you hire someone who charges you thousands of dollars for a show that is, in reality, only worth a few hundred dollars and they “bomb”!

On the other hand, hiring the least expensive entertainer is not always the best way to go either. 

Magicians, clean comedians, and other performers are perceived as a dime a dozen- a commodity- by many event planners, and because of this they try to find the lowest priced performer.

         The fact is that each performer is unique and, like in any other profession, there are entertainers who are great, some who are good, some mediocre, and some who should never be allowed on stage!

         You need to base your decision on the performer who will best fulfill your needs and help you to achieve your desired outcomes. 

One way you can know whether an entertainer is going to meet your needs is by whether or not he or she asks you what your needs are and what outcomes you want to achieve with your event. When you call them, do they just tell you how great their show is without finding out what you want and need?

How would you feel if you went to a doctor because you weren’t feeling well and the doctor instantly prescribed some medicine without first finding out what was wrong with you? It’s the same with entertainers and speakers. They should find out what you want and need first and see if they have a program that can fulfill those needs.


Many performers are so desperate for work that they will say anything to get hired. They will tell you that they do things that they don’t, won’t, or can’t do. We’ll be talking about how to spot out these phoneys and avoid ‘em like the plague in just a few minutes.

         Bottom line: Decide what your budget rangeis, check out a number of performers in that budget range, and choose the best person regardless of price. If your budget is so small that you cannot find an excellent performer, DO NOT HIRE ANYONE. It is far, far better to have no entertainer or speaker than it is to hire someone who is not good. Save your money and wait until you can afford someone who is outstanding.

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Should You Base Your Decision Hiring A Magician and/or Clean Comedian Based On Price?
Discover some great tips and tricks to hiring the perfect magician and/or clean comedian at a great price.
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