Comedy Magician The Magic Comic Jamahl Keyes could and have performed his brand of comedy magic at a funeral home and still kill.  A native of the midwest city of Indianapolis Indiana, Jamahl’s comedy improv, mixed with his  story telling and mind reading and comedy magic tricks makes him the perfect match to any comedy show.  


Jamahl’s comedy genius transcends genders, class and racial divides.  If you understand English, Jamahl’s humor will tickle your funny bone and amaze you siamotainously.  Comedy Magician The Magic Comic Jamahl Keyes comedy set is both an auditory and a magical visual experience.  His facial gestures alone can make an audience burst with laughter.  Going from performing in civic theaters to opening for The Late Great Comedienne Joan Rivers there is no audience and/or demographic The Magic Comic Jamahl Keyes has not performed for.

The Magic Comic Jamahl Keyes TV credits include TNN The Statler Brothers Show, NBC’s Worlds Greatest Magic, The Family Channel and CNN.

Although The Magic Comic Jamahl Keyes has a long and diverse resume of successes, he remains humble and approachable.  He continues to work hard to make the most of the television, theater arts and standup opportunities he earns in order to build a career that reflects his true talent and abilities.

Tickets 10 adv 15 dr

Sweaty Hands Productions Presents: Old School Comedy Jam Masterpiece Bar and Grill 3748 N Sherman Dr Indianapolis Indiana 46218

To secure a very magical and interactive interview opportunities with The Magic Comic Jamahl Keyes or for further information, contact Tiphanny (Production Manager)

About The Magic Comic Jamahl Keyes Stand-Up Comedy Style:

Jamahl’s humorous comedy magic will create the memorable escape you desire.

By combining his controlled lunacy, improvisation, audience participation with state of the art magic he tickles the funny bone of any audience.

Quite a sight! Quite a comedy experience!

What is the goal of a stand-Up comedian at a comedy show?

A comedian also known as a stand-up comic, is an entertainer who performs routines designed to make people laugh. A female version of stand-up comic is often referred to as a “comedienne” 

There are 5 types of popular types of comics. The 5 most popular types are stand-up comics, slapstick comics, prop comics, improvisational comics and comedy magic comic. Some comedians may specialize in one particular type of routine, while others like The Magic Comic Jamahl Keyes uses all types in his comedy show.