As Seen The Magic Comic

For Immediate Release:

“The Magic Comic Jamahl Keyes takes the stage by storm!”

Indianapolis IN: Since 2019 we haven’t been able to enjoy Live entertainment like we have in the past. Thanks to Covid19 we were forced to shut down all forms from entertainment and once things began to re-open we were restricted in so many ways. It’s time to mark your calendars because The Magic Comic Jamahl Keyes is coming to a city near you. His Comedy Magic is family friendly and it’s mixed with music and magic. 

Award winning magician Jamahl Keyes has been a Comedy Magician for over 2 decades. His magical performances include South America, Canada and Mexico along with appearing on national tv stations such as TNN and The Family Channel. He has also shared stages with Joan Rivers and Ben Vereen and that’s  just to name a few. 

Many times without him even saying a word during his shows you will laugh, you will sing and even dance. The Magic Comic Jamahl Keyes has creative ways to have the audience get involved and participate throughout the show. Which makes this show more than just a show, its an experience! 

You have never witnessed such a show in your life but you can experience The Magic Comic Jamahl Keyes in a city near you. This is something that you don’t want to miss. The Magic Comic Jamahl Keyes show is for all ages, genders and cultures. Year 2022 has been waiting for this moment, waiting for this perfect storm of entertainment. A show that everyone can enjoy along with music and magic. Don’t miss out.

To schedule a very exciting, magical and interactive interview Contact Tiphanny (Production Manager) or Call 866.230.9808