What is the price of a birthday party magician

Around the country, the average cost for a magician for a birthday party is $200$475. Though the true figure ranges between $275 and $500 depending on how notable the magician is, the age of the honoree, the number of people in attendance and location.

Get ready to be amazed by hiring a magician for your birthday party? In this great guide you will find out just how much a magician will charge for a birthday party magic show.

What is a Birthday Party Magician?

This type of Magician entertains the audience by performing a series of magic tricks specifically tailored to feature the honored guest aka birthday boy, girl, man or women. The magic tricks are designed to leave the audience entertained, baffled, engaged and make the guest of honor THE STAR!

Drama, suspense and humor is used to connect with the audience. The performance may be carried out in a living room, banquet room or small intimate area. This makes the show an interactive experience that is set to truly wow your party guests. After all, it is magic!

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What is the price range of a Birthday party magician in the United States!

  • Average Cost:


    In this price range you will recieve a killer magic show that everyone will love. Be prepared for a magical performance approx 25-30 minutes. This will include featuring the birthday child as well as a magic trick.This show is perfect for everyone.

  • Minimum cost


    In this price range a magic show will run approximately 15-20 minutes. This show includes audience participation. You are sure to have tons of fun and a lot of laughs. This show is perfect for everyone.

  • Maximum Cost


    In this range you have now taken your birthday party to another level. You can be sure to have a Magical performance time of approx 45  minutes. The birthday honorary will be featured, You will receive a special birthday gift for the honorary, Each attended guest will receive a free magic trick, You will receive 3 hours of Face painting, 1 hour of Balloon artistry, Live Band for a 30 minute set along with audience participation and tons of laughs

Typically, a party magicians work on a fixed fee basis rather than hourly. Though the benefit of this pricing system is it will help you budget better for the birthday party budget. Party Magicians may work one event per day or evening, so their fee will cover all of their expenses seen as unlike other industries, they won’t be seeing several clients a day.

The cost of hiring a magician for a birthday party varies depending on several factors, including:

  • Type of magician

  • Location

  • Age Of Honoree 

  • Duration

  • Experience

The Age Range Globally of People that Magicians Perform for Birthday Parties:

Ages 5-10
Ages 10-14
Ages 16-20
Ages 21-30
Ages 31-65

3 Very Popular Birthday Party Magicians:

Drew Blue Shoes:

Drew’s high-energy birthday party shows are all about making everyone have the most memorable and hilarious time possible! Every program is packed full of audience participation as kids help with unpredictable miracles and get to witness the magic up-close. Everyone  goes home with their own unique experience to tell as well as a small souvenir!

John Measner:

John Measner has a Magic birthday party show that many say kids  cannot afford to miss. His birthday party show is interactive, exciting, and fun for young children, older kids, and even adults.  If your looking for a private birthday party magician? You would never go wrong inviting  John Measner to arrange a magic event in your kids birthday bash.

Jamahl Keyes (The Magic Comic):

Eliminate the element of chance by inviting comedy magician Jamahl Keyes- The Magic Comic to enthrall, enlighten, amaze  and most importantly, entertain with his Birthday Party Magic Show. A theatrical show filled with comedy, audience participation, improvisation, magic and FREE Give-A-Ways.

TOP 10 Types Of Magic Entertainers To Choose From:

  • Comedy Magician

    A Comedy Magician is the type of magic entertainer that combines the use of magic, comical dialogue, comical dialogue, funny movement, audience participation and gags to amuse the audience.

  • Motivational Magician

  • Illusionist Magician

  • Escape Artist Magician

  • Dove Magician

  • Birthday Party Magician

  • Manipulator Magician

    A manipulator magician is the type of magician that has the incredible ability to use sleight of hand to vanish, re-appear and sometimes float (coins, mobile phones, thimbles, billiard balls etc). The magic can be performed to music, with comedy dialogue or serious script, very much beautiful and amazing and magical watch.

  • Quick Change Magician

  • Mentalist Magician

  • Pickpocket Magcian

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