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7 Questions you should ask before hiring a magician

“Your show was very entertaining and fun.”

Joan RiversLegendary Comedienne
  • Are you available on my date?

    This may seem obvious but you’ll be surprised to know how many people get excited about using a specific magician for their event that they forget to ask the 1 of 7 questions. Finding out later that they could have saved a lot of time asking question one. 

  • Do you provide package options?

    This is a good question to ask because it will let you know how seasoned the magician is. If they are able to tailor the magic show to your event like featuring a specific guest onstage, color scheme or backdrop theme. It turns your event to an unforgettable experience and everyone loves to be apart of an experience. 

  • Do you use audience participation?

    This is a Biggie! In a world of social media, look at me, I hope this isn’t boring culture a magician and any other type of entertainer better use audience participation to keep the audience engaged and entertained. 

  • How long have you been performing?

    This is a good question to ask because it will give you a better idea of what the magician may be able to do without asking you a million questions. A seasoned magician can change the tone of his or her show to keep the pace going throughout any event. 

  • Do you have testimonials?

    Every seasoned event planner knows and understands that by asking this question you will get a better understanding of the caliber of magician and magic show you should expect. (For example) If the magician has testimonials from celebrities and/or fortune 500 people you know that this magician will not perform a magic show that could only be featured at the family reunion.

  • Do you have video live footage?

    Video footage will give you a better understanding of the theater quality of the Magic Show. Think about it! The internet is flooded with so called magicians that can do a phenomenal job of tricking someone with one magic trick. Video footage will allow you to see if they can present a show and not a trick a magic show requires some if not a lot of knowledge in theatrics. 

  • Can you tailor your show to my event?

    This is how you separate your event from any typical run in the mill magic show. When a magician tailors and creates their show to fit your guest and even suggest other magical ideas to add on its defiant to be your “Tailor Made Show”, a show that no one will ever have except you and your guest. 

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“He is more than a magician he is a very great entertainer.”

Ben Vereen Tony Nominated Broadway Actor

Being an event planner of any event small or large is no small task. Many times we forget a few things here and their hoping to not waste time and money in the process.

Since you have made the right choice to have a Magician perform a magic show at your event their are a few things that you must ask before you hiring one. Asking these things will clear your mind and most of all put you and the magician  on the same page making sure you get not only what you expect but what will make your event Magical. Their are things you must ask to make sure your event is a success.


  • Theaters

  • Conventions


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  • Conferences

  • Corporate Functions

  • Comedy Clubs

  • Cruise Ships

  • Holiday Events

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