Magic In Motion a Visual Arts Magic experience Starring: The Magic Comic Jamahl Keyes.

Magic In Motion takes you on a visual arts roller coaster, magical fast pace journey of the performing Arts like never before. 

Quite a Show! Quite a Magical Journey!

Through mind boggling magic tricks and spectator involvement for Dinner Theaters, Magic In Motion starring The Magic Comic Jamahl Keyes Family Friendly Fun performance weaves his special guest visual arts talent of Music, Dancing, story- telling, puppetry and Improv. 

To make a Show like no-other.

The perfect Out-The-Box theatre show for any performing arts center that is looking for a great Family Friendly Show idea and that is looking to leave their audience amazed, entertained and engaged.


Magic In Motion a Visual Arts Magic Experience!

See this show live Monday April 8,2019 at The Apple Dutch