All of The Magic Comic- Jamahl Keyes School assembly shows is an excellent resource for hoosier students to learn more about the school values and provides students easy to implement strategies to help them be very productive members of society and a valuable asset to their school and community. They will also learn about what their Indianapolis school stands for.

Here are the top 5 benefits to hiring Jamahl Keyes for your Indianapolis School Assembly.

School Assembly Indianapolis Indiana9

1. Uniting Your Students And Staff: In larger elementary, middle and High Schools, a school assembly is not always a common sight, so students rarely get the chance to gather and experience school campus life as an essential part of a larger group. However, all of Jamahl Keyes’ school assembly shows will ignite the school spirit, instill a sense of belonging to your students, and motivate your students to implement tips he teaches throughout his presentation. In short he uses students and staff participation and call and response to re-enforce his positive message.

2. Culturing Your Students: Believe it or not many students don’t get the opportunity to go to special events like a school assembly. Studies show that students that are cultured in such activities like a school assembly develop better critical thinking skills, builds self-esteem, and improves resilience, all of which enhance their educational outcomes.

3. Develop Productive Core Values: Students can be significantly influenced by the life lessons they can learn from a well-run seasoned school assembly show. With all those eager to learn faces looking up at the presenter, how can they not learn great life lessons that will help them be winners in life like accountability, leadership, and responsibility (to name a few)?

4. Learning Social Discipline: Gathering together in large groups is a prime training ground for teaching students discipline and social behavior through theater etiquette. During a school assembly, they will be required to sit quietly, listen attentively, and participate appropriately when necessary. These skills are all valuable both inside and outside of the classroom and school. While the classroom environment certainly helps to instill these values, a full school assembly is what will really put your students to the test. The assembly takes them out of their comfort zone. Without their familiar circle of friends surrounding them, the behaviors the students need to develop for functioning as part of a large group are reinforced.

5. Build Confidence: School assemblies provide the opportunity for students to develop their confidence by speaking up and sharing their ideas. There will always be students who already have the confidence to speak in front of large groups, but a good seasoned school assembly leader will make sure everyone has a chance to get involved. With the right inspiration, students who may not be so comfortable talking in front of a group may be inspired to stand up and share their ideas.

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