The Secret Question That Seasoned Event Planners Ask Before Hiring A Comedy Magician Or Public Speaker.

Every day, schools, youth organizations, colleges and event planners hire comedians, comedy magicians and even public speakers that they should not be hiring. Public Speakers, comedians and Comedy Magicians often lie about their qualifications, charge you a LOTmore than they should, end up turning your important event into an embarrassment and put your reputation on the line by presenting sub-par performances.

Organizing a corporate event, school assembly and/or special event is a DIFFICULT and STRESSFUL job. There are so many details that must be attended to. But here is the undeniable truth:


I realize that you might not believe that right now but think about it for a minute. When is the last time you remembered the lunch you had at a business team building event? Did the centerpieces make the event memorable and successful? When is the last time your students attended a school assembly did the bleachers make the presentation successful?

Probably NO!

The entertainment be it a Public Speaker or Comedy Magician is the “key” to a successful event, but here’s the problem…

         Hire the wrong person and your event will be a flop. Hire someone who offends members of your audience and it is your reputation on the line. Overpay for an entertainer who delivers a sub-par performance and all eyes will be looking at you.

      Here is the secret question that many event planners and coordinator fail to ask.

Can you give me a 100% Reassurance That The Presentation Is Sqeaky Clean?

This is sooooo important especially in today’s day and age when people are offended by the least little thing. It is vital that you make sure that the speakers material is absolutely clean or trouble brews for you on the horizon.

I recently did a team building presentation for a Fortune 500 company who had also hired a comedian. The comedian was hilarious and the audience loved him but then he let a few very minor swear words slip out. In fact, I didn’t even catch them… but the wife of one of the company’s big-wig dealers did. She stormed out of the program and dragged her husband with her. The executive shot an extremely upset look at the poor event planner.

The event planner came up to me and said, “Oh great, now I have to spend tomorrow smoothing all this out. That’s just what I need.” He had asked the comedian if his material was clean and the comedian told him that it was. It wasn’t.

Bottom line: You need to not only ask whether the public speaker or Comedy Magicians material is clean, you have to insist and emphasize that it MUST be clean. If possible, get some type of proof, in the form of a testimonial letter that the material is clean. (I include a testimonial letter from the Georgia Baptist Foundation for that exact reason!)

Well, there you have it. Obviously, if you’re a seasoned event planner you may have already known this secrets revealed in this article. But I hope you found a few gems that you can use to ensure that your next event turns out exactly as you want it so you get the applause, accolades, and acknowledgement that you so richly deserve.

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