What type of magic entertainers are there?

When looking for a magician to entertain your guest you must choose the right one for your specific needs. To answer the question directly there are 10 types of magicians to choose from.

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What type of magic entertainers are they ebook.


  • Theatres

  • Conventions

  • Fairs/Festivals

  • Virtual

  • Banquets

  • After Proms

  • Schools

  • Bootcamps

  • Colleges

  • Special Events

7 types of magic shows to choose from

There are so many antonyms and synonyms used to describe magicians and what they are able to do on-stage throughout history. The truth is, the average magician that performs a large scale production like The Stars Of The Mind Tripping Show (The Longest Running Magic Show In Indianapolis) Christian & Katalina, Americas Got Talent winner Shin Lim or The Family Channel veteran The Magic Comic- Jamahl Keyes use elements from all types of magicians and magic shows making their shows more exciting, amazing and very unpredictable.

TOP 10 Type Of Magic Entertainers To Choose From:

  • Comedy Magician

    A Comedy Magician is the type of magic entertainer that combines the use of magic, comical dialogue, comical dialogue, funny movement, audience participation and gags to amuse the audience.

  • Motivational Magician

  • Illusionist Magician

  • Escape Artist Magician

  • Dove Magician

  • Birthday Party Magician

    This type of Magician entertains the audience by performing a series of magic tricks specifically tailored to feature the honored guest aka birthday boy, girl, man or women. The magic tricks are designed to leave the audience entertained, baffled, engaged and make the guest of honor THE STAR!

  • Manipulation Magician

    A manipulator type of magic entertainer has the incredible ability to use sleight of hand to vanish, re-appear and sometimes float (coins, mobile phones, thimbles, billiard balls etc). The magic can be performed to music, with comedy dialogue or serious script, very much beautiful and amazing and magical watch.

  • Quick Change Magician

  • Mentalist Magician

  • Pickpocket Magician

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