Who is The Magic Motivator -Jamahl Keyes

The Magic Motivator- Jamahl Keyes is founder of The Entertainers Edge, LLC and one of the most revered marketing and sales speakers to entrepreneurs and small business owners all over the world. Keyes has taught marketing magic lead generation strategies, his sales magic funnel systems and online and offline video marketing techniques to thousands of people around the world. For 3 consecutive years, Keyes has spoken at small business events, business seminars, business conferences and business schools, sharing the stage with other small business owners and public speakers like Ivanka Trump, James Malinchak and Kristi Frank to name a few.

Motivational Speaker Indianapolis

Keyes has authored 3 top selling books, 101 Ways To Market And Advertise You, Can’t Quit It Until You Get It and Marketing Magic.

Keyes has been interviewed or featured in several small business magazines or trade journals he is always in demand to do interviews for podcast, radio, blogs and TV because his interviews are always fun and very informative.