When you want to entertain your guests and have a unique event, or when you want to enhance your special event. The best comedy magician Indianapolis comedy magician will have your guests buzzing afterwards. They will want to swap notes with other guests about what just blew them away. Think about it, would you be able to say that about a band, singer or musician?

Other times to hire the best comedy magician Indianapolis are when there is downtime at an event. For example strolling magic while cocktails are being served at a corporate function or at a wedding during the photo shoot or at an event while waiting for dinner to be served


Comedy Magic can be used in almost any situation. The best comedy Magician Indianapolis comedy show is defined as where a magician uses jokes or funny movement to amuse his audience. It may be a 15 minute spot on stage for a corporate event. It might be 30-40 min act for at 40th birthday but it also can be at a sales training meeting where the sales team need a break and a laugh before continuing on.  

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