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Top 5 Reasons Agents, Producers, Event Planners and Theaters love to book Jamahl Keyes

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“Your show was very entertaining and fun.”

Joan RiversLegendary Comedienne
  • Jamahl is a season entertainer.

    With over 20 years of entertaining people of all races, cultures, ages and genders  you can rest assure that The Magic Comic- Jamahl Keyes will fit the bill.

  • He uses Audience Participation.

    In a world of smart phones, little electronic gadgets and peoples attention span fleeing by the minute. The Magic Comic- Jamahl Keyes uses Audience Participation and Improv throughout his show making the audience sit on the edge of their seats wondering what may come next.

  • His show can be Tailor-Made To Fit your event.

    Because Jamahl uses audience participation throughout his show with theatrics. His comedy magic routines allow him to tailor certain parts of his show comedy routines to his clients.

  • His show is Family, Friendly Fun entertainment.

    The Magic Comic Jamahl Keyes brand of comedy magic Entertainment is suitable for children as well as adults. So you don’t have to worry about anyone in the audience no-matter age, gender, nationality or religious beliefs being insulted or offended.

  • His show will entertain people of any language.

    The Magic Comic Jamahl Keyes has certain comedy routines and magic tricks that he performs silent, using the backdrop of theatre, drama, mime and comedy making his show suitable to entertain audiences of any language.

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“He is more than a magician he is a very great entertainer.”

Ben Vereen Tony Nominated Broadway Actor
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